A place to put my thoughts and ideas (if I eventually get some), for anyone that might be interest in read it or ear it them... and those who are not... it's ok!

Don’t Let Me Alone

Gave you my heart
And gave you my soul
Please, treat them well
Don’t break them apart

I’ll give my heart
And I’ll give you my love
Don’t let me alone in the world

Gave my life
Gave my love
Gave all my time
To you I’m sure

There’s only one way in
Only one way out
My door will be opened
For you every time

I’d love to give
And I’d love to take
My heart is yours
And your will be mine

I’d lie to give
And I’d lie to take
My heart is yours
And your will be mine


I look at the world
And I wonder if
Anybody really wants anything that anybody really gets
And anything in anyplace makes any sense in any case
If by any chance, anything is everything
Then something will be everything someday
At least, I think


And suddenly, the silence falls
A silence
without you, trees and moons
Only in my hands I can hear the music of yours

So please
, darling, hold my hand
And let me know the sound of the heart
that beats
And pump the music into this soul
This soul of mine
Through your
hands and mine